Boston terrier temperament

Boston terrier temperament

A Boston terrier temperament report will reveal many interesting facts about this breed. These smart dogs are loyal, playful, and even stubborn at times. Whether a dog has an aggressive streak is not always clear. Here are some facts that will help you decide if this breed is right for you. These dogs are known to be aggressive toward strangers and their possessions, so be prepared for the resulting behavior. Here are some important tips to keep your Boston terrier in a good mood!

Dogs are intelligent

There are several different types of intelligence in dogs. Some are instinctive, while others are based on working or obedience. The ability to recognize human gestures and to understand the actions of their owner are examples of dog intelligence. According to Hare, these five types of intelligence help determine the level of a dog’s intelligence. Here are some of these types of intelligence and how they work. In addition to learning basic commands, Boston terriers also exhibit cunning and empathy.

They are playful

Boston terriers are known for their high energy levels and playful nature, but there are some health risks associated with these dogs. Boston terriers can have flat faces, glaucoma, corneal ulcers, and spinal problems. Although some of these problems are treatable, others require spinal surgery. While these dogs are generally energetic, you should be aware of their needs, including exercise. In addition, Boston terriers should have plenty of water to stay hydrated.

They are loyal

A Boston Terrier is an extremely loyal dog. Although this breed is known for being good with other dogs, especially the family dog, they can also be wary of strangers, particularly those of the same sex. Early socialization is key to the pup developing a friendly disposition. A Boston Terrier is very good with children and will be a great companion for children who are active. This breed is also very adaptable, so it can fit into apartment living quite well if trained not to bark.

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They can be stubborn

Despite their reputation as stubborn and uncooperative dogs, Boston terriers are not difficult to train. This breed does require some socialization at a young age and must be subjected to early training. However, there are ways to train a Boston without having to give it treats. Read on to discover some of the best methods for training a Boston. Listed below are just a few of them.

They can be territorial

While it’s not true that Boston terriers are particularly territorial, they can be difficult to train. Territorial behavior is often caused by a dog’s natural curiosity and desire to explore the world. This can result in a Boston Terrier becoming displaced on its owner’s property when you turn your back. A good way to help your dog adjust is to bring treats with you whenever you leave your home.

They need frequent “potty-breaks”

In order to properly potty-train your Boston terrier, he needs frequent “potty-breaks” every two hours. This behavior should be encouraged with a consistent schedule, which you should establish with your dog. The Boston should be praised every time he uses the bathroom, which reinforces positive behavior. You should also not give him food as a reward for going to the bathroom. Bostons are smart and will learn to eliminate in a clean place when rewarded with praise.

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